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Sarafina! Starring Whoopi Goldberg & Leleti Khumalo

Monday, June 1, 2009

Movie Review: Sarafina
A South African girl, named Sarafina, lives with her aunt and uncle in Soweto. Her mother works as a maid in a white household in Johannesberg, where she goes to school. Mary Masombuka, her rebellious history teacher, encourages the children to be aware of the political forces that rule their lives. She even helps the pupils put on a play expressing their desire for the eventual release of Mandela. But when one of Sarafina's classmates gets involved in an arson attack, the police crack down hard on the students. As a result, the children boycott white-owned stores in the neighborhood, and tensions begin to rise. Even as Mary reassures Sarafina that she dreams of a free and peaceful South Africa, violence erupts throughout the township. A riot ensues when policemen fire at some of the children, and Sarafina faces years of imprisonment and torture for her role in the protest. Eventually, she is released and reunited with her mother. Rent Sarafina or watch it on youtube.


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Duration 12 days
When June 2nd - 13th, 2009
Focus Wildlife Research/Conservation
Political History