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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For these of you who have been following our blog, please take the time to participate in our DE Challenge. Just click on the hyperlink, type in your name and answer the questions. Good Luck! We will announce a winner at the end of our South African journey.

#1 South Africa Geography
#2 Textbooks and Dreams
#3 A Land Apart
#4 Slavery, Society and Apartheid
#5 Nelson Mandela and Freedom
#6 Malaria in Africa
#7 Anthropologists
#8 Africa: The People
#9 Africa Facing the Future
#10 Africa: Stories, People and Places


Larry said...

It has been a lot of fun following your trip. It will be nice to have Stephanie home again and here about all of you and more about your adventures. The unfortunate thing is that I will probably never meet the other students, teachers and anyone else who was part of this great experience.

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Essential Programs Details

Duration 12 days
When June 2nd - 13th, 2009
Focus Wildlife Research/Conservation
Political History